Switch to MograSIS

The School uses various tools and different software’s to manage the processes. This builds lot of repetitive work. MograSIS is one stop solution covering all the aspects school in Administration, Academics, Learning , Communication & Collaboration of Use it as a tool to drive improvement across your school .

General Benefits

Switching supplier can seem daunting. We have track record of migrating schools like yours from other providers.

How does migration work?

Success comes from excellent blend of domain knowledge, business model, technical expertise and ability to identify ourselves with the institution. MograSIS helps You as customer and end user by understanding your processes, understanding your priorities in terms of business needs and social needs, re-engineering to adopt best practices, implementing various solutions to suite your requirements, Training and developing your own resources, delivering the services to your desired end users & maintaining it over the period of time to translate a project to Success.  Entire approach of team is towards your satisfaction

Our expert team will help you to migrate the data with ease. Each stage will be planned with you. We use various data migration techniques and reassuring the data integrity is managed in MograSIS.  We ensure your move to SIMS is as smooth as possible in the following ways: