Why mograSIS

The School/Colleges/Institution have adopted mograSIS and improved the efficiency and ratings. mograSIS covers all the aspects of digitizing. We strive to emphasize simplicity and speed of usage and listening to our schools, we understand the issues they face every day, helping us to strengthen and improve our products and services to suit you. While taking care of administrative tasks and assisting in repetitive resource intensive activities through seamless automation.

We are a trusted leader in providing technology infrastructures is a powerful, easy-to-use student management tool developed specifically for the  K-12 / CBSE / IGCSE / ICSE / IB / Arabic / African schools since 2004. We provide a wide range of tools and services to create a healthy and organized school environment where the focus is on student and teacher performance. Our student information system gives teachers, parents, administrators, and students access to the data and resources necessary to ensure that everyone has what they need to create outstanding educational environments.

It can help you turn down the costs and can help you in getting information about anything as and when you require.

mograSIS is designed and developed with high focus on administration processes. This software can truly simplify all tasks related to the management and supports you bringing expected results. mograSIS School Management Software can be customized to meet the unique requirements of schools.

Integrated Software For The Whole School

Integrated modular design meeting all the requirements of the schools. No need to procure different software for different needs. This allows seamless flow of data throughout your school and ensures that time savings.

Improves teaching and learning

Teachers can track every student’s progress, their needs and growth. Saves times spent in manual filing. Teachers have a functional dashboard to manage routine work.

Teachers can log into their account and get the most updated reports on students’ attendance, their performance etc. They can get in touch with the parents too. It helps teachers in reducing their workload. They can get real-time visibility in data related to each and every student they teach. It allows teachers to be ready with future plans for the students

Management Insights

The management team gets exhaustive academic and administrative insights in the functioning of School. mograSIS helps in identifying the shortfalls. The various reporting available helps the school in taking strategic decisions.

Finance, Inventory, Purchase, HR Payroll ERP

Enables schools to manage all other processes apart from complete student information system. mograSIS provides reports to ensures the school’s funding and resources are put to the best possible use.

Parent engagement

Parents are engaged in their Children through active participation in School Web enabled application. Parents wish to the Children’s academic progress, attendance etc. mograSIS gives parents easy online and remote access to daily attendance and attainment records.

The Parent Portal enables you to keep both parents and students informed throughout the year. Parents can be given daily web access to the kind of information that was previously only available through parent/teacher conferences. Keep everyone aware and involved so each student can achieve their potential.

Staff Accessible

In addition to being a resource for parents, web-based availability of this information for your school faculty is an asset. We provide a Staff View that keeps administrators and other need-to-know staff members aware of students’ daily progress. You will be able to identify which students are falling behind, and who may benefit from intervention. Timely, online access to critical information helps increase achievement by enabling your staff to intervene much earlier in the process when it is needed most.

State Reporting

mograSIS helps to ensure that your state department of education reporting requirements is met. mograSIS provides you with state-specific editors, reports, and export procedures that are pre-loaded with the required formatting as specified by your MOE, DOE and other State Reporting Authorities.

Comprehensive support

Requests for support submitted through The Support Center are visible to all our experts. For that reason, the assistance is quick and professional. The Support Center provides support in several ways

Development team

At mograSIS Development Center our team constantly strive on product upgrades to meet the new and challenging needs of Schools. We believe every School will have a different style of operation and our design methodologies can adapt to meet the Requirements