Learning Management System

Moodle is the world’s best LMS, and it’s easy to see why.

With 79 million users across the globe, Moodle is the most-widely used learning management system by organizations of all types. Moodle is a user-friendly, highly-configurable, and feature rich LMS that enables organizations to achieve their learning goals. Learn about some of Moodle’s most popular features below.

Flexible Learning

Moodle’s eLearning platform allows for 24/7 access to courses and content. Materials can be accessed from anywhere learners have Internet access, giving them the freedom to learn on their own time.

Mobile Compatibility

Moodle offers mobile eLearning, making learning-on-the-go easier. Mobile eLearning is considered a complementary aspect of the learning process, providing greater flexibility for learners to access course materials on any mobile device.


Moodle can be translated in over 100 languages, making it inclusive for learners across the globe. This allows you to offer your courses in as many languages as you choose.