mograSIS School Lite

MograSIS Lite Edition is best suitable to schools of lesser capacity students. The solution covers Academics and School ERP modules.

Supports Multi Curriculum

We are few School Management Software that provides multiple curriculum in a single installation

  • School Setup
  • Security (ACL)
  • Registration & Enrollment
  • Student Management
  • Fees
  • Attendance
  • Library
  • Grade Book
  • Health
  • Detention & Suspension
  • State Reporting
  • School Notification
  • Report Card
  • Transcripts
  • Collaboration
  • Incidence
  • Parents Web
  • Content – Learning Tools
  • Year Process (Academic Rollover)
  • Finance
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • HRMS
  • Payroll
  • MIS
Admission Management

Streamline and automate entire admission process of your school. It facilitates the user in managing all admission related activities like student admission, fee collection, seat allocation, cancelling the admission, issue of transfer certificate etc. Assists in supervising all student activities and their performance. Either class-wise/ individual student reports can be generated, with an option to trace a specific name/roll number.

Examination & Evaluation

Manage exam data efficiently & generate customized report cards

Time Table

Efficient & intelligent timetable generation for perfect synergy between the school resources and student time

Fee & Collections

Streamline & strengthen your Fee collection process with online fee payment and automatic reminders. Gives control over fee concerned tasks. Generates accurate and transparent reports of fee management tasks like ‘fee collection’, ‘discount offered’, ‘due reports’ and’ paid reports’ etc.

Student Information

Manage student data with ease and efficiency

Student Attendance

Accurately track student attendance & automate your school attendance system

Student Health

Plan and manage all aspects of student health

Library Management

Enjoy the benefits of world class book cataloguing & referencing integrated with barcode scanners


Manage school student accommodation in a convenient and secure manner

Human Resource

Automate your HR activities and keep your school workforce happy and motivated

Asset & Expense

Track and control school assets and expenses with accuracy and ease


Optimized use of your school finances with a bird’s eye-view of key finance data


Keep your alumni updated and engaged in school events & brand building


Helps in managing all teacher-related activities like ‘allotment of classes’, ‘class-allotment’,’ leave calculation’, ‘students-parent meetings’ and many more.

Lesson Planning

Empower your professors to plan and structure the courseware in detail


Avoid inventory shortages and surpluses with better visibility of school inventory data


Send SMS to let parents know of their child’s progress, meeting schedules and reminders. Using auto-SMS tool, you can schedule single/bulk SMS on a specific day and time.