Provides user-friendly dashboards for all user roles and management personnel. The various modules available in mograSIS facilitate all the processes from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies and to alumni+

mograSIS product brings affordability and effectiveness in teaching, learning, administration and collaboration, not only within a school, but extending across schools, teachers, students and parents.

Enhances the quality of education imparted by schools, through teacher training and technology awareness programs for schools.

The platform connects various schools through effective teacher trainings comprising specially designed activities driven through four phases of Overview, Training, Implementation and Evaluation.

Students have a global arena to participate in interschool competitions such as Games, Quizzes and Olympiads, access to learning resources, inter school talent search and mentoring programs, exposure to subject matter experts and scientists, giving them the ‘freedom to learn’.

With teachers from across the world being involved in a school for imparting high quality education, ‘ICT for school’ gives administration and collaboration platform for schools and teachers that gives them the ‘freedom to operate’ irrespective of where they are.

Other services offered as a part of School Transformation program includes the functionalities like:

Data migration from existing system
Teacher Lesson Plans – teachers can attach lesson plans to calendars to let parents view the topics that will be covered in class
Discipline – record disciplinary actions and have it part of student’s permanent record
Collaboration and communication tools for teachers and admins
Library Services – ability to keep track of books, media and equipment.
Student Billing – tracks billing transactions for students and let’s parents/guardians pay on-line
State Reporting – upload reporting data to the State’s Education system

  • User friendly interface requiring minimal IT skills

  • Centrally stored information with Zero redundancy

  • Real time monitoring of Student’s Academic Performance

  • Up-to-date monitoring of Faculty performance, Syllabus coverage

  • Students Fee / Payment monitoring and management

  • Faculty performance rating by students

  • Certificates Collections and Management

  • Certificate and profile images uploading facility

  • Single click mail / messaging for Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff

  • Hundreds of Statistics for Performance Assessment for the Management

  • Pre-set and Authenticated Access to data

  • 24/7 accessibility from across the globe

Modules available are:

  • Prospect Management

  • Registration and Enrollment

  • Student Management

  • Fees Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Library Management

  • Medical Records

  • Detention and Suspension

  • Gradebook

  • MIS

  • Report Card

  • Transcripts

  • Scheduling

  • Fleet

  • Canteen Management

  • Facilities Management

  • Scholarship Management

  • Awards

  • State Reporting

  • Setup and Security Management

  • Notification

  • Collaboration

  • Fund Raising

  • Event Management

  • Accounts and Finance Management

  • HRMS

  • Payroll

  • Inventory Management

  • Purchase

  • Workflow

Products Available are: